Procedures, Rules and Regulations
CAP Certificate and Diploma Courses

Minimum BSc Honours / MSc i.e.16 years of education and training in relevant field of study and practical work such as the following :

  • Psychology
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Special Education
  • Education
  • Pediatrics / Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Number of hours of Class Work
  • There is about 150 hours of class work for each of the certificate and Diploma Courses.
  • Students are to complete certificate course to receive a certificate and both certificate and diploma subjects to receive a Diploma. Please see list of subjects for each course
  • Students may enrol for one or more than one subjects as and when these are offered within one semester provided the schedule of classes does not clash.
  • Classes for each subject start on confirmed registration by at least 10 students in a particular subject.
  • Classes for each subjects are compulsory to attend ( 80 percent of attendance at least ).
  • Case studies/ presentation by students/ practicum / internships are not counted in the total hours of class work.
Duration  and Schedule of Classes
  • Normally the required number of hours in each course is completed in about 3-4 months ( following a schedule of 2-3 days a week of class work).
  • Afternoon classes usually twice or thrice a week ( on weekends ) for each of the courses / subjects ( on the convenience of majority of registered students. Efforts are made to accommodate the needs and convenience of all the registered students after meeting with them in the Orientation Class .However, the final decision is made by the academic committee of NIDP for CAP courses as regards the schedule of the classes.
FEES and Payment of Dues
  • Please ask for info on current Fee schedule and rebates available.
  • Registration fee is to be paid before the orientation class is held one week before the beginning of a course.
  • At least one month fee is to be paid before the first regular class is attended.
  • Payment of dues is to be made in advance for each month within first 5 working days of each month. A late fee of Rs 100/= per day is added if fee is paid after due date .
Please register by sending your name and contact numbers through email etc and registration fee through crossed cheque / bank draft / pay order in favor of “CYFF, Islamabad” via registered mail or cash by hand . On receiving Registration fee, a receipt , forms of / Registration admission and a copy of rules and regulations will be sent immediately .
Admission Form

Needs to be filled before the course begins .Ask for a copy or click here to download ...


Available on one fixed route required by at least Six students (Additional payment applicable).

Evaluation Exams
  • Students are evaluated in each subject on the basis of sectional tests, class assignments ( 50 percent marks ), and a written examination, (50% ).
  • The terminal examination is held at the end of each semester on the dates to be fixed by the Academic Committee of NIDP.
  • A student shall be eligible to appear in the terminal examination provided that:-
    1. he/she has been on the roll of the NIDP during that semester for a particular course
    2. has cleared all dues
    3. has attended, not less than 80% of the lectures/seminars / workshops delivered to his/her
      Note : The Director   may, on the recommendations of the teacher of the course concerned, condone the deficiency in attendance up to 5% of the total lectures, seminars, practical, and field work . However , such a student will have to do an extra assignment , write a paper or do some extra work as per instructions of the relevant teacher / Director .
    4. A day-wise record of the attendance of students shall be maintained.
    5. After completing the practical/field/supervised work, students shall be required to submit a report. This report will be jointly evaluated by the internal supervisor and the external examiner by viva voce examination.

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