Salient Features of CAP Courses

CAP offers advanced training courses, and arranges workshops and conferences to prepare professionals and to enhance the knowledge and processional skills of the experts in the field of Developmental Psychopathology and allied disciples like Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry and   Special Education. Focus is on evolving   an integrated approach to help those who are suffering from developmental disorders or are at high risk of having them.

Objectives of the  CAP Courses

The courses offered by CAP at present are mostly of   the postgraduate level. Designing of these courses has been guided   by the predominant purpose of making them   applicable to clinical situations   requiring understanding and solution of the problems and issues faced by Children, Youth and their Families. CAP   is also planning to offer degree and diploma courses to cater for the needs of students who want to specialize in this filed and also for those professionals who need to improve their professional skills in their clinical practice. At present an advanced level Certificate Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (CAP) is being offered. These courses would help the students:

  • Understand Risks and protective factors causally or concomitantly related to the developmental disorders.
  • Remain aware and alert for early identification and diagnosis of disorders.
  • Realize that certain problems and disorders are preventable.
  • Predict the onset of development disorders and other kind of less than optimal development in different domains of human functioning like social-emotional and educational. .
  • Become  aware of the cost and consequences of developmental disorders
  • Be able to direct efforts to improving remedial, rehabilitative and treatment measures and methods.
  • Evolve strategies to prevent disorders, ameliorate their negative impact and prevent and cure co-morbidities.
  • Make disordered individuals function and adapt better as individuals reducing their own sufferings and that of their parents and teachers to a considerable extent.

Below are some of the salient features of these courses.

Salient Features
  • CAP Courses comprise a series of training workshops with a number of   activities and discussions in the classroom.
  • A variety of instructional methods are used, including but not limited to the Instructor presentations. These include  small and large group discussion; professional writing assignments; student presentations; and guest presentations by local experts.  Since the purpose of the course is to develop foundational knowledge in theoretical, ethical and philosophical issues related to the practice in the field, the instructional methods emphasize critical thinking; self evaluation and collaborative discussion intended to provide reflective analysis. 
  • The Courses offered are first of their type   in Pakistan.
  • These provide an advanced understanding of the principles of the psychological makeup of children and adolescents.
  • These cover theories, assessment and treatment methods of developmental disorders.
  • Relevant to a field of great utility and application as these have   tremendous value for normal school and special education teachers   seeking to improve their   expertise in handling students with severe learning difficulties and disruptive behaviours.
  • Activity oriented   program providing   training to enhance professional skills in assessment, treatment and counselling of parents and teachers.
  • These courses certainly provide solid basis to prospective student who wish to further their education and training in disciplines related to the field of mental health.
  • Great academic utility for continuing   higher studies, advanced level research , and clinical practice in the field.
  • Good job prospects as school counsellors, child clinical psychologists, special education experts and speech therapists.
  • Training of great values for NGOs working on children , Women and Families Issues
  • Higher Level Teaching in Psychology
Best  for:
  • Mental health professionals as the graduates of the proposed courses   have   promise of   good job opportunities in mental health facilities, schools, special education centers, and in all private practice clinics    offering help and  treatment to  children and adolescents having serious social , emotional and learning difficulties . 
  • Students   desirous of  advancing  their education & professional skills in the field of child and adolescent clinical psychology
  • Psychologists / Senior Students  of Psychology (B.Sc. Honors /M.Sc. Psychology / Behavioral Sciences )
  •  Psychiatrists /Pediatricians / Advanced Level Medical Students.
  • Educationists / Teachers
  • Special Education Teachers / Speech Therapists

CAP has highly qualified regular staff and adjunct faculty. For a list see ...



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