Subject Outlines of CAP Courses
CAP Certificate Course Outlines


1. CT-301-DPP: Developmental Psychopathology and its Prevention.
The course provides an Introduction to the field besides giving basic facts like presenting problems, diagnosis and assessment techniques deployed in each disorder .The course gives an introduction to intervention and prevention efforts being made in Developmental Psychopathology.

  • Basic Concepts
  • Early Risks and Protective Factors
  • Classification and Brief  Description of  Developmental Disorders
  • Prevention of Developmental Psychopathology

2. CT-302-AIP: Adolescents’ Issues and Problems

  • Concerns for youth
  • Procrastination. study problems  and  Time management
  • Helping youth stay away from Psycho-social issues/problems.
  • Career Development and career counselling
  • Sexual issues facing  Youth

3. CT- 303-ADP: Assessment of Developmental Psychopathology
The main objective of teaching this course is to acquaint the students with unique features and basic concepts of Assessment of   Childhood Disorders. Furthermore, the students are expected to receive some hand on practical experience of using different psychological measures with children and adolescents having Developmental Disorders.

  • Basic Concepts and Methods
  • Initial Intake  and Neuropsychological and Mental State Examination
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Plans
  • Mental Abilities Assessment
  • Personality Assessment
  • Ethical Issues of Assessment/Diagnosis

4. CT-304-TMD: Treatment & Management of   Disorders
This   subject covers Assessment, Treatment  and Management Techniques to cope effectively with disorders like the following.

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD)
  • ADHD
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Speech & Communication Disorders
  • Treating Conduct Disorders / Behavioural Problems
  • Helping Stressed  &  Traumatized children
  • Guidance and Counselling 

5. CT-305-SRE: Special and Remedial Education
The   series of training workshops would provide   professionals from psychology and special education / school psychology a deep understanding of children’s educational problems along with training participants in effective assessments and strategies of helping the slow learners. Combined   with other subjects of the course dealing   with different disorders of children and adolescents, this course is expected to provide / enhance professional skills to help struggling and at risk children succeed in their academic and educational work.

  • Individual differences: Intelligence, learning styles and special needs
  • General Problems/ difficulties among school children
  • Importance of understanding Family systems
  • Special Education
  • Teachers of Special Education
  • Management
  • Ethical principles of working with children with Special Needs
  • Case conceptualization
CAP- Diploma Course Outlines


1. DP- 201- CAD : Child, Adolescent and Adult Development

  • Introduction , Research and Ethical Considerations
  • Theories
  • Biological Foundations
  • Physical Growth and Development
  • Cognitive Development  and Language Development
  • Social and Emotional , Moral & Spiritual Development
  • Parenting , Peers , and Schooling 
  • Play
  • Understanding self and others
  • Myths about Issues facing Youth

2. DP-202-ACP: Abnormal & Clinical Psychology

  • Introduction  Abnormal Behavior
  • Abnormal Behavior in Historical Context
  • An Integrated  Approach to Psychopathology
  • Current Paradigms in Psychopathology and Psychotherapy
  • Assessment and Diagnosis – General
  • Assessment , Diagnosis and Treatment of Adult Disorders

3. DP- 203-TPD : Theories of Personality Development 

  • Elements of well known personality Theories
  • Comprehensive study of five major personality Theories

4. DP- 204- GCP : Guidance  , Counseling and   Psychotherapy 

  • Introduction to and significance of Guidance ,  Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Basic principles of Guidance ,  Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Behavioral  and cognitive counseling / CBT
  • Counseling for anxiety , stress, PTSD etc
  • Grief and Bereavement Counseling
  • Psychotherapy for psychological Disorders  
  • Indications and contra-indications of counseling and psychotherapy
  • Case management

5. DP- 205-SEP : School and Educational Psychology

  • Pattern of problems among school children.
  • Assessment of Individual differences
  • Motivation
  • Memory and knowledge acquisition
  • General negative study habits of normal stream students. 
  • parent-child relation and its impact on academics
  • Proactive strategies for promoting learning.
  • Teaching Styles
  • School and Systems Organization, Policy Development and Climate
  • Management
  • Preventive interventions
  • Education and Community
  • Ethical principles of working with school going children
  • Case conceptualization
Case studies and Advanced Level Practicum

For supervised clinical practice, students have to prepare case studies and do  an intensive internship in local hospitals / clinics and institutions for a defined number of  credit hours practical clinical work within 6 months  after the completion of their class work.



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