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National Institute of Developmental Psychopathology ( NIDP )

NIDP has been established to provide scientific understanding of the discipline of Developmental Psychopathology to Pakistani students and enhancing skills of professionals in the field to assess, diagnose and treat developmental disorders. This is an outcome of a growing realization about the problems and developmental disorders of children in Pakistan and the fact these are not being addressed and treated adequately. NIDP aims at providing state of the art infrastructure and facilities to help those who are at risk of having such disorders as well as those who are suffering from them. The main objective is to prevent or at least ameliorate great sufferings involved and colossal human resource losses to the society because of the unaddressed and untreated developmental disorders. NIDP aspires to do something meaningful and concrete to train and educate psychologist and other mental health professionals so that they are able to help thousands of children and adolescents who are at Risk only because the professional expertise in the field is lacking and adequate facilities of treatment are almost nonexistent.

NIDP provide knowledge and training in the field of developmental Psychopathology a discipline representing “… a movement toward comprehending the causes and determinants, course, sequelae, and treatment of the disorders through its synthesis of knowledge from multiple disciplines within a developmental framework.” (Cicchetti & Toth, 1995). Today, it is a rapidly emerging subject comprising following characteristics:

  • Developmental Psychopathology is devoted to the study of behavior problems and other developmental disorders in children and adolescents.
  • Like all other scientific disciplines related to the scientific study of human behavior , Developmental Psychopathology has three goals , namely , the understanding , control and prediction of psychopathology in the full context of human development.
  • This orientation views psychopathology within the context of antecedents and consequent events and relates it to normal development.
  • Developmental psychopathology represents integration of several scientific traditions in Child, Abnormal, Clinical and Educational Psychology using experimental paradigms of clinical traditions of both Psychiatry and Psychology.
  • Developmental Disorders include educational problems, learning disabilities, psycho-social mal-adaptations causing severe emotional disturbances, and conduct disorders, all having serious consequences for the youth , their parents, teachers and the society at large. The field has a great amount of applicability, representing integration of several scientific fields of study like child psychology, experimental psychopathology, and clinical traditions in Psychiatry, Developmental, Abnormal, Educational and School Psychology.

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Centre for Child and Adolescents Studies ( CAS )

CAS is a premier centre of NIDP whose focal field of study is children and adolescents particularly childhood disorders and psychopathology ...

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