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Children with Special Needs

Children, Youth and Families Foundation (CYFF), is providing specialized professional services to children and adolescents suffering from Developmental Disorders and having special needs . Foundation’s professional staff helps these children and their families  to cope effectively with their disorders, especially learning disability and other allied problems.

Many children may face these problems and difficulties during the course of their development. Some of these are serious enough to hamper or even retard the smooth and optimal development of the child. A few examples of these disorders are ADHD, Autism, Behavioral or Conduct Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Borderline Mental Retardation, Fears, Phobias, Anxiety and Depression. CYFF helps in  early identification of these disorders for effective prevention and treatment by mental health workers. Besides Psychologists, Special Education teachers and  Psychiatrists also help parents and teachers of children having these problems.  As developmental disorders require more of psycho-social and educational interventions rather than psychotherapy and psychiatric intervention.

CYFF is making a significant   contribution in providing such services along with developing an indigenous model for Pakistan to deliver services, provide  education and develop community awareness programs to help children, adolescents and families who are at risk of, or are suffering from different kinds of developmental disorders. 

Slow Learners & Learning Disabilities

To provide   indigenous and innovative   integrative educational   for the special needs children   particularly slow learners or and Learning Disabled ,  a school by the name  I CAN Pathways School System has been established by CYFF.  Besides doing Assessment of psychological, educational and mental abilities of children admitted , a deeper and thorough Diagnosis of their Specific Problems and Disorders is carried out. The strengths and positive points of these children are carefully identified and all efforts are made to further promote the qualities, skills and abilities of these children.  Close monitoring of their academic learning and Individualized Coaching Plans are the   salient   characteristics of these programs. Frequent contact with parents is maintained for   their Guidance and Counselling for positive educational outcomes of their children. For more details ...

Assessment, Diagnosis and Management Plans

At I CAN Pathways School System , Islamabad each child is assessed and his problems and disorders are  diagnosed deploying the most modern techniques and assessment tools. for details ...



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