Children with Special Needs


CAS is a premier centre of NIDP whose focal field of study is studies of children and adolescents childhood disorders. No doubt, problems of children and adolescents have interested parents, teachers and mental health professionals since long. However, scientific study of the issues like learning disabilities, psychological difficulties and behavioural disorders has only recently received some attention of researchers. In the developed countries of the world, the progress made in the field is impressive. Unfortunately, this has not so far happened in least developed countries like Pakistan. The situation persists despite a fast growing realization that children of all places and societies need the kind of attention they are receiving in the developed countries of the world. In fact, children living in the impoverished socio-economic and political conditions need it all the more because they are at greater risk of having developmental disorders and problems and there are not available effective ways and facilities to treat and manage such disorders. CAS envisages and aspires to addressing this issue effectively.

Workshops and Seminars

CAS also arranges workshops and seminars on important issues pertaining to the filed of Developmental Psychopathology. These workshops attract a large number of senior students and professionals in the filed . Below is given a list of workshops and seminars held at CAS. For more info click here

PAT ( Psychology for Parents and Teachers ) Program

CAS activities are not confined to high level research an detaching in the field . It also offers a popular program called Psychology for Parents and Teachers (PAT) Program in Positive Parenting and Effective Teaching ( PET ). For more info click here