Mission Statement

To work for the well being of Children and Adolescents who have developmental disorders and are at risk of facing serious problems for themselves, their families and society at large.


To achieve its goals, CYFF envisages bringing together diverse competencies and resources to enhance teaching, research and services in the field of Developmental Psychopathology, Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, and School , Special and Remedial Education.

Programs & Services

  • I CAN Pathways School System, Islamabad. An institution for special Needs Children particularly the slow learners (A project of Islamabad Science school and college for inclusive education of children having learning difficulties.)
  • Family Education Centre. Guidance / Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre for Adults particularly Parents and Teachers. The centre also provides Assessment, Diagnosis and Management plans for Childhood Disorders.
  • SEES ( Social , Emotional And Educational Skils) A series of Growth Programs like , RISE, BOUNCE , TURTLES , KOOL KIDZ ( for an optimal and positive development of special and main stream children and adolescents ) .
  • PAT- Psychology for Parents and Teachers Program . An awareness and general education and training program for teachers and parents regarding the problems and disorders of students and children.